Spock³ Sketch Cards

Set of three sketch cards featuring Spock from Star Trek TOS

This was a cool trio to do because I was asked to do TOS standard uniform Spock and then pick two random appearances of Spock. With that kind of prompt it seemed only right to dress him up in his dress uniform finest for one of the others.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing the TOS EVA suit so I popped him in that one as well.

Now I was messing around with the sizes and the original EVA suit card was the wrong size and I really wanted the cards to have a coherent feel to them so rather than discard the pencils I did up an extra card:

Extra Spock EVA suit sketch card.

Seeing as this one is an extra I’m throwing it on the Lee Draws Stuff shop. It’s a one off so when he’s gone he’s gone and I did let the Patreon backers have first crack at him.

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