Star Trek First Contact – teaser poster

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Poster for Star Trek First Contact
Poster for Star Trek First Contact
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The Star Trek First Contact teaser poster often comes to mind when thinking about my favourite movie posters. It was exciting because a new Star Trek film was coming and none of my friends knew what a borg was, but they were all excited about my excitement, which was fantastic and a lovely memory that I’m grateful to have.

The poster is my favourite kind of film poster; light on the floating photoshopped heads and intriguing.

I love that we had yet to learn what the Enterprise E would look like at this stage, so the motion-blurred view behind is enough to hint at her design but not enough to get a good look.

Then we only have the edge of the Borg cube as it races through space chasing the Enterprise. The cube’s scale is too big to fit on the page and adds to the excitement of the image. Of course, that cube wouldn’t last too long on the screen.

The colour used is pleasing and gives the artwork a surprising impression of detail. I also applaud the subtle use of the orange and blue colour scheme; it’s incorporated quite creatively.

So this is the poster I think of when I think of First Contact, the main official poster is fine, but it invokes less interest than this one.



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