Star Trek Picard: Broken Pieces

We are Borg.

As much as I loved seeing Seven of Nine back, I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed by the Borg cube storyline now. Whilst we know the gravity of Seven creating a mini collective the stakes didn’t seem all that high.

She joined too late to help the drones and then supposedly she is able to disconnect reasonably easy.

I just thought there might be more gravity to the situation but I’m sure the Borg cube will feature again.

There’s a lot of storylines going on and it’s hard to care about all them as they are dashing by so quickly on to the next storyline arc. I kind of felt Rios’ whole arc was incredibly truncated into a quarter of this episode.

I think I’d just have liked the season to feel a little more deftly woven into each other’s storylines as I think they’re all pretty interesting characters.

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