Star Trek Picard – Remembrance

I don’t want the game to end…

I really enjoyed the first episode of Picard, I had a couple of plot point things that kind of registered but not enough to take away from the show. The whole cloning an android as well as surely a flesh and blood synthetic is just a person created artificially?

Both of those aren’t enough to put me off the show or to engage with anyone to try and convince them or be convinced.

Not sure I like that the Federation are a bunch of racists who would turn their back on a bunch of people or persecute a bunch of others but I guess that’s just where we’re at now.

The positives are that the show looks amazing and the plot is interesting enough to make me want to find out more so it’s a win there and I’m just going to put on my disbelief suspension pants lol.

We’ll see if I’m inspired every week to do a Picard scribble – I certainly hope so!

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