Star Trek Picard: The End is the Beginning

Yes, because he’s a stubborn northerner, like you.

Contains spoilers for Episode 3… obviously

I feel that the last three episodes really could have been rolled into two, I concede though that they’ve very much embraced the whole it’s one long movie cut into ten parts approach.

There are so many little things in the show that I’m loving but I think there’s an equal number of things that I feel a bit let down by. I’ve discussed it ad nauseam over on Twitter my disapproval of using cigar smoking as a trope to show how cool and rebellious our new Captain is. So much so I nearly muted the whole conversation because arguing with people who are determined to defend the show from absolutely any criticism no matter how small or insignificant (or right) is pretty exhausting.

It’s a shift in the fan culture that I don’t particularly enjoy, the whole love it or leave it mentality doesn’t work in nationalism and nor does it work in fandom. I’m not sure who is more tiring, the haters or the zealots.

So I still love the way Picard as a show looks and there are so many interesting characters. Great to see Hugh, it’s a shame they presented him so-matter-of-factly and I would like to know sooooo much more about his life that I fear we won’t get to. I think it’s also a shame to have playing second fiddle to the chosen one storyline. You could easily have had him centre stage in a different story and still have a really compelling reason for Picard to come out of retirement.

I do love the idea of setting up shop on a dead Borg cube and they’ve come a long way from the old Borg who would not have left anyone behind.

I wish Picard’s Romulan friends were going with him, they’re really interesting and a pleasure to watch (Irish Romulans aside – I wonder if there are Irish Remans?). Which is why they’re featured in today’s episode scribble because I’m not sure how much more we’ll see of them now Picard is back in space.

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