Star Trek WOK Era Commission Piece

Star Trek WOK Era Commission Piece

So the brief on this A3 HD commission piece was

What I was imagining is a full crew shot of the original Enterprise crew circa Star Trek 2, in their spiffy  red uniforms. Including Saavik. Maybe Scotty in his white Engineering outfit. Not sure if Bones had a Sickbay outfit for the movies or not. The setting could be the Enterprise bridge, or something else equally cool that I’m not thinking of.  Working in a scribble of the movie era ship itself would be a bonus, but I can’t say how that would fit in what with looking at the crew in the interior. 

And from that description is was my turn to use some problem solving and work out how I could do it. Obviously there was no scene in Wrath of Khan that features everyone plus the Enterprise so I knew I was going to be going off-script to be in the same room.

Then I really wanted to include the Enterprise and my original thoughts were include it on a view screen in the background – I tossed that idea around a lot.

I love the scene in Star Trek III when the wounded Enterprise limps in to home so I decided to set this in space dock and just have them all there – no canon reason (Chekov was on board the Reliant and Scotty wouldn’t be wearing his radiation suit no matter how neat it looks).

So just a reminder for everyone who’s ordered the commissions they’re all going into a queue of first ordered – I’m working my way through them but they’re going to be months in the completion because you really don’t want me to rush them. You might get a message about being in the queue which is more me trying to manage the great list from an administration point of view.

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