Spocktober is a 31-day celebration of the Star Trek character Mr Spock, it takes place, logically, during October. The goal is to draw or post a new image featuring Spock, every day of the month. There’s no officially sanctioned list of prompts however I put one together in 2021 and am following it up with a new list in 2022.

Spocktober is not official, it’s a celebration, and everyone can do it their way.

If you want to ignore every prompt and just draw whatever you want featuring Spock, more power to you, I can’t take Spock away from you! Plus, you don’t even have to draw; you can write out little poems or get screenshots or photos of a Spock figurine.

It’s entirely up to you!

For my part this year, I’ve chosen some science fiction tropes and keywords to kick off the old creative juices. I plan on doing something original for each theme. Show Spock in all new and unseen adventures.

Spocktober is an unofficial celebration of the character Spock and is in no way affiliated with Star Trek, CBS or Paramount.

Spocktober 2022

I wasn’t entirely sure if I would do Spocktober this year, I couldn’t really work out what the prompts should be, I think I covered nearly every episodic theme last year. So then I hit upon the idea of drawing original little scenes from unseen adventures.  Using science fiction tropes and keywords. I’ll be adding each one below and of course posting on social media!

Spocktober 2021

2021 was the first year I’ve done Spocktober, and I based each topic on things we might find in episodes or movies. I wanted to make it as accessible as possible so that anyone could take part, and they could just pick ideas out from the show or films.