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Stranger Things Season Two – Halloween

stranger things season 2 halloween illustration
stranger things season 2 halloween illustration

Just like apparently everyone else I binged watched season 2 of Stranger Things over the weekend, I mean it was hard not to.  This show is so well put together and the characters are all so damn lovable it’s hard not to get sucked into their story.

I think I enjoyed this season more than the first and that’s really saying something.

Normally I would do Drawlloween but this year I spent most of October in the Tasmanian wilderness so I didn’t get the chance to take part, so my only Halloween drawing for the season will be this one!

Original illustration available on Etsy 

Stranger Things – sketch card set

I’m excited about Stranger Things season 2 because yes the first season was exceptionally good but two there’s obviously a significant amount of nostalgia coming from that second season (Ghostbusters costumes).  It’s interesting for me because they are around my age so I remember Ghostbusters being huge and Gremlins and The Neverending Story (1984 was an exceptional year for films).

It’s a byproduct of getting older LOL nostalgia films and the romanticism of the era you grew up in.

These sketchcards were done earlier this year, a combination of markers, watercolour and a touch of prismacolor pencils :).

You can order your own sketch cards on the Etsy store!

Who else is looking forward to Stranger Things season 2?