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I will feed him – A TNG Illustration

I will feed him. A Star Trek TNG illustration
I will feed him.

It is potentially one of my all-time favourite Data and Worf interactions from the episode Phantasms:

WORF: Commander. I will have to confiscate your sidearm.
DATA: Of course. (hands over the phaser) May I ask a personal favour?
WORF: Yes.
DATA: Will you take care of Spot for me?
WORF: Your animal?
DATA: I am afraid if I have another waking dream, I might injure him.
WORF: Of course. Spot, come here.
DATA: Unlike a canine, Spot does not respond to verbal commands. (hands him to Worf who holds him at arms length) Goodbye, Spot. He will need to be fed once a day. He prefers feline supplement number twenty five.
WORF: I understand.
DATA: And he will require water. And you must provide him with a sand box. And you must talk to him. Tell him he is a pretty cat, and a good cat.
WORF: I will feed him.
DATA: Perhaps that will be enough.
(Worf leaves, sneezing)

Transcript courtesy of the BEST Star Trek transcript website: Chrissie’s Transcripts Site.

Thanks to the patron who ordered this Star Trek commission piece!


The Enterprise D Trio

The Enterprise D trio - a Star Trek TNG illustration
The Enterprise D trio - a Star Trek TNG illustration
The Enterprise D Trio

One of the requests from the Star Trek commission pieces was for Picard, Riker and Data to be jamming together on board the Enterprise D.  It’s a nice idea and I really enjoyed drawing them, except I really dislike drawing musical instruments as I am the least musically gifted person on the planet LOL.

Overall I think this comes off really pleasant a little like the show itself, I find TNG really comforting to watch.

The Perfect Mate – a Star Trek TNG illustration

Scene from Star Trek TNG - The Perfect Mate
Scene from Star Trek TNG - The Perfect Mate
The Perfect Mate – 2017

I don’t always watch the episode again when I’m doing a Star Trek Commission piece but I remembered The Perfect Mate as a good episode and was interested in revisiting it when this came up. Also, I needed to check out that dress though I don’t feel I got a good look at the bottom of it so I’ve gone with my own thing there.  Also on the dress, I was particularly pleased with the way the veil came out here, I wasn’t sure how to tackle it but white watercolour pigments seem to do the trick.

Anyway, so I watched the episode again and it’s still a really good episode but I found myself considering it well after watching.  I’m not really sure what it’s trying to raise here.  Is it a commentary on arranged marriage because I’m not sure it applies in this given situation.  Also, I think the concepts raised here aren’t really groundbreaking and maybe a little lazy.  The episode actually probably worked better if Kamala was a man and it was a male “companion” being gifted.  I think what saves this episode is a really strong performance from Patrick Stewart though for all his talk of non-interference Picard allows himself to get in a situation that biologically Kamala doesn’t seem to be able to avoid.  Riker was able to do it so that should be a yard stick 😉

Q and Picard – a TNG illustration

Q and Picard in Tapestry - a TNG illustration
Q and Picard in Tapestry - a TNG illustration
Q and Picard in Tapestry – 2017

This is another commission piece and I kind of struggled with it because the scene itself takes place in some sort of Q heaven which is bathed in white light which is not really in my wheelhouse to suitably show the effect.  So I just focused on the two characters, Q is another one that I struggle with and he’s usually driven by the costume to make him.

I really like this episode it’s one example where Q can be used for really good storytelling.  Usually, I’m not a huge fan of the character, I admittedly find his and most holodeck episodes pretty tedious but I like this small journey into the decisions we make.

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Page 100 Project – Engines of Destiny – from the archive

Page 100 Project - Engines of destiny
Page 100 Project – Engines of Destiny – 2010

So quite some years ago Jason Turner started a little thing called the Page 100 Project.  Essentially the gist was that you took the 100th page of a novel and you illustrated it as a comic-book page.  I did a couple of these back in 2010 and semi-recently I’ve been doing one-off illustrations from the 100th page of books I’ve been reading but I think I’d like to start work on these again.

This is from the Star Trek novel Engines of Destiny and I have no idea about what’s going on here apart from Data collapses and a weird small Klingon ship appears and then blows up.

Seven years is a long time, this was when I was going through my comic book illustration phase, where I was working towards being a much more traditional style comic book illustrator.  It never really felt right so it’ll be interesting to see how much my current wabi sabi minimalist approach translates.  I’ve done a couple of short five-page things and I think it works but then I suspect my style is an acquired taste and not for everyone.

The first one up is going to be The Dark Tower book one – The Gunslinger.  Do I go with movie versions or make up my own impressions!


Commander Riker, boldy going – a Star Trek TNG illustration

Commander Riker hero pose illustration
Commander Riker hero pose illustration
Commander William T Riker – 2017

The Star Trek Commission Piece request was for a Commander Riker illustration as long as he had the beard. So I wanted to put him somewhere really alien and exploring instead of fighting.  There’s a line in Star Trek Insurrection that resonates with me from Picard, “Can anyone remember when we used to be explorers?“.

Occasionally I feel that’s been lost as Star Trek has struggled to find its way 50 years on.  Whilst I understand that external conflict provides story lines and plot progression sometimes I think the wonder is lost in the battle with the next bigger foe.  Of course Star Trek Insurrection attempted this to critical complaints so what do I know.

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