The Cheshire Tardigrade

The Cheshire Tardigrade - a Star Trek Discovery and Alice in Wonderland mash up

The Cheshire Tardigrade

Sometimes when doing commission pieces a unique request will arrive in my inbox with a challenge.  A long time supporter of Star Trek Scribbles and Lee Draws Stuff sent me a tentative message over on Etsy asking if I’d be interested in some kind of mash up.  After seeing Michael quote Alice in Wonderland on Star Trek Discovery she was delighted as it is her favourite book and it really resonated with her.

I was heading off to Tasmania at the time so we discussed it, she locked in the request and I gave her the month I was away to really think about what sequence from the book she’d like to see.  I’m familiar with it, I’ve read it and I’m a fan of the novel but I’m not a devotee and not really up to the challenge of capturing that without guidance.

Flash forward and after clearing a few commission pieces I checked back in and was given three sequences from the book to see what I thought.  Well the Cheshire Cat was already admittedly marinating in the back of my head whilst I hiked through the wilderness. So when the conversation with the cat in the tree came up I jumped at it.

Fortunately it was her favourite as well.

So then it was to decide how to mash these two together and this was left to me.  Should Michael be dressed as Alice, should Alice’s world be merged more into the Discovery universe or vice versa?  Some quick research into the classic look and feel of the Cheshire Cat and I saw the page that the passage appears on and everything clicked into place perfectly.

One last decision though and I think I went the right way, should the Tardigrade be smiling?

Of course he should, can’t you see it?