The Derelict – #LostInSpace

An absolute brilliant science fiction episode of Lost In Space. The Robinsons encounter an alien spacecraft that brings them inside where they discover alien looking interiors with alien looking aliens!!!

No bumpy head aliens here, these things are not human, we can’t understand them, they crackle with electricity, their ship is strange and Don and the Professor spend most of the episode trying to work out the alien controls with only a little success.

Yes it’s over 50 years old but all of this is a breath of fresh air! Actual creatures we don’t understand and we don’t end up understanding at all. We do of course piss them thanks to Dr Smith.

The scene when Smith realises that it is an alien ship is quite good as well, the cogs are clearly constantly turning as a reevaluates everything continuously.

John Robinson is rescued by his wife but are both almost cooked when a comet comes past.

I’m really enjoying this, I know it gets silly later on but this is some damn fine scifi and I’m loving the weird designs etc.

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