The Hungry Sea – #LostInSpace

The poor robot after Don shot him and they left him out in the sun.

I have a feeling that this is the last episode to be made up of footage from the pilot episode though it honestly hasn’t diminished the episodes in any way.

The editing has been extremely creative and made good use of what they had. The fascinating element here is that the original trip across the ocean was the trip back in this episode. They travelled over a frozen sea to fit the storyline in this one.

That element is also quite interesting as they discuss the orbit of the planet impacting the weather and the extremes in heat and cold and it’s all science! So yay!

I was struck by the image of the neutralised robot. It’s all a little messy as the robot is an agent of Dr Smith but it’s still a piece of equipment meant to serve the mission.

I prefer the idea that the robot only looks after Will like in the film and the reboot series.

I do have to say that I’m loving the cliffhangers at the end, they’re awesome. The storyline of the episode gets resolved and then the very next scene is the set up for the coming week!

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