The Reluctant Stowaway – #LostinSpace

The Reluctant Stowaway from Lost in Space
Destroy! Destroy!

Now this is the Lost In Space that I was expecting although I always imagined Dr Smith was played more for laughs but in this episode he’s pretty evil.

As one might expect there’s a bit of the footage from the pilot episode mixed in with all the new plot points including the addition of Smith and the robot. It’s all a pretty clever reworking of the original episode and would lay the groundwork of what was to come (based on what I know of the show).

The robot is programmed to destroy the ship and Dr Smith gets stuck on the Jupiter 2 whilst trying to sabotage it.

The ship hurtles through space at phenomenal speeds (in order to strand them) and they eliminate the “why don’t they just get back in their sleep chambers” plot with Mrs Robinson being unfit to reenter hibernation.

Don has a bit more personality in this episode, he’s probably the most noticeable character shift.

The robot wakes up and starts bellowing a familiar “destroy” and he starts smashing shit on the ship. He goes up stairs and starts hitting the cabin pressure control which apparently is a box that when you put a hole in it all the pressure leaves the cabin. Of course I suspect he could just punch a hole anywhere and the same would happen. They take out his battery and plug the hole with… well a plug I suppose.

Mr Robinson has to go out on the absolutely worst spacewalk in all science fiction history. He REALLY sucks at it for no apparent reason. He just keeps falling over until he eventually falls off the ship, the rope tears and we’re left with a cliff hanger I was not expecting.

I didn’t realise that these wouldn’t be standalone episodes, which is super interesting. I wonder if Mr Robinson will survive, how will they save him?!?! Will he get better at space walking??? Are there other basic things that he is going to suck at???

Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

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