Unaired Pilot – #LostInSpace

Image inspired by Lost in Space - the unaired pilot
Lost in Space – the unaired pilot

I’ve never really watched a lot of Lost in Space, I’m not 100% sure why as I “liked” the film (I’m aware of the problems the film has but I love the aesthetics and soundtrack) and I enjoyed the reboot series though I think it could have been heavily edited to tighten it all up.

So whilst conserving my bandwidth Lost in Space is one of the shows I have to work my way through and I’m really interested to watch it.

I know the story that Gene Roddenberry spoke to the studio about his ideas for Star Trek and that some of those ideas found their way into Lost in Space so I’m looking out for those too.

The pilot…

The unaired pilot is a dry affair, with very little happening in the first half and then a much closer to Swiss Family Robinson on an alien planet. There’s no robot or Dr Smith and the family have crashed on an alien planet and started to set up home. Growing crops, domesticating space emus and monkeys with pointy head pieces.

Whilst out doing science and discovering that the region they’ve settled in near the crashed space ship is about to become very bloody cold. The “men” encounter a cyclops giant who it appears is wondering who put this pointy science shit out where he could step on it (I assume it would have felt like a lego piece). The men flee into a cave and the giant doesn’t know what’s going on.

Finally one of the dudes sets off a flare under the giant’s foot which pisses it right off. Then Will Robinson wanders in and kills the giant with a laser gun.

Will Robinson is a stone cold killer.

The Robinsons pack up their gear get in a very cool looking rover thing (I don’t know anything’s names yet) and get the hell out of the freezing basecamp, abandoning their spaceship and killing another giant cyclops who was very poorly throwing rocks at them. He was probably sad his friend was killed.

They get out into the ocean and overcome some technical difficulties, finally arriving in the tropical paradise that was their target. Whilst setting up camp two beings sneak up, look at each other and nod. They look remarkably like the Talosians… I’m just saying.

This would have been a very different show had they continued down this path probably a much more Alien Planet Swiss Family Robinson affair with little planet hopping.

I actually didn’t mind it, it had a very theatrical feel to it – a little dated in the gender roles but a product of the time.

I was a little disturbed by the lack of care for alien life. By season end I suspect that we would have discovered that the Robinsons were the monsters all along bahahahaha.

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