Vice Admiral Holdo

Vice Admiral Holdo from Star Wars The Last Jedi by Lee Sargent

Now that I’m more or less settled in to my routine for the Star Trek 365 I’m trying to push myself to continue drawing other stuff.  To eas myself into that I turned to my Patreon followers who have been giving me some ideas of characters they’d like to see etc.

Kelli asked for Vice Admiral Holdo whom I had no idea who she was as at the time I hadn’t seen The Last Jedi.  Since then of course I’ve seen the film and to be fair I’m not really objective when it comes to Laura Dern, I’ll love her in pretty much anything.  She has an amazing look as Vice Admiral Holdo so it was a joy to knock out a quick pencil scribble of her character.

I do think she was kind of wasted in the film but then this is a whole conversation I have no interest in starting lol.

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