Welcome Stranger #LostInSpace

As soon as the “missile attack” scene was resolved and the main theme of the episode became apparent I was really dreading it.

A space cowboy shows up from Earth (though he’s been out there longer) and I just thought the episode was going to be camp rubbish but wow, nothing of the sort.

He’s stressing the importance of sterilising his spacecraft so alien microbes don’t damage it, he’s discussing the concept that alien bacteria could be extremely hazardous to humans.

He does try to smoke the first plant he sees which I kind of love him for.
Then there’s a morality discussion over bringing children into space and putting them in danger and making the hard decision to return them to Earth.

It’s an extremely watchable episode that raises some interesting ideas and again the cliff hanger is pretty bloody awesome as Penny wanders on to a mining site during blasting!

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