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With September halfway through, we’re also halfway through Spocktober, and so far, I’ve been holding up well. The themes have been interesting and I’ve tried to put a little extra into each. That is until last week when my progress stumbled, and to be honest, I just needed a short break to gather my energy.

My work takes up a lot of my time and constantly presents new challenges and cool ideas to tackle. I’ve just got the balance a little off, and when my sleep routine was thrown out, I started burning the candle at both ends… with a flamethrower.

This is not the recommended method by which to burn a candle.

But the wonderful thing about Spocktober and any drawing challenges is that they should never overrule your life. Self-care is way more important and sometimes the needs of the one do, in fact, outweigh the needs (wants) of the many.

So I thank you for the space and for the delightful comments and encouragement. Spocktober is still going for me even if it bleeds into November.