You will hear our song

You will hear our song

I’ve been busy plugging away in the background working on the list of commission pieces and every once in a while I need to take a break and do something for the pure joy of drawing it.

This is one of those pieces.

There was discussion on Twitter over who was the best Borg Queen and it reminded me how much I enjoy drawing her and should really do so again. A couple of ideas began bouncing around my head and then this started to form.

I admit I did consider just leaving this black and white:

But then I do like me some Borg green and it’s not a colour I often get to work with so I took the chance and painted it. The cables came out exactly as I hoped and with the crosshatching there’s almost an air of a spider’s lair to this which is perfect.

The original is a lot lighter than the digitally treated version above but that’s almost a delicate touch in itself.

The original is available to buy (until someone nabs it). It will also be available in next month’s batch of NoGum cards (more info on those later).

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