You’re gonna need a bigger boat. A #Jaws inspired illustration.

After a break from drawing and a huge change in life circumstances I’m really enjoying doing this illustrations.

I may embark on a whole set of scenes and characters from my favourite films. I think with Trek because I do so many of them and have been doing so for so long I feel the need to “over do” them or try new things etc.

On this and yesterday’s illustration I just wanted to something simple that captured the essence rather than get too bogged down in details etc.

I like the simplicity of the scene as I’ve depicted it, simple watercolours and a fun Bruce the shark.

It’s nice to be enjoying these again.

I will note that the shark itself is definitely derivative of some of the Shaaark! cartoon sharks which I didn’t realise until looking at it finished so if you like the shark itself definitely go check out Shaaark!

The original is available (until someone grabs it) – I was going to go back to Etsy but there are some difficulties with that so I’m headed back to my hosted shop.

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