Welcome Stranger #LostInSpace

As soon as the “missile attack” scene was resolved and the main theme of the episode became apparent I was really dreading it. A space cowboy shows up from Earth (though he’s been out there longer) and I just thought the episode was going to be camp rubbish but wow, nothing of the sort. He’s […]

Veggiesaurus – a #JurassicPark scribble

Lex Murphy: GO AWAY!Alan Grant: It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s a brachioasaur.Tim Murphy: It’s a veggie-saurus, Lex! Veggie-saurus!Lex Murphy: Veggie? Jurassic Park Oh wow, I’m just having the best time doing these. I really love Jurassic Park and I have found a new love for drawing dinosaurs. I think when I’m having fun it really shows […]

The Hungry Sea – #LostInSpace

I have a feeling that this is the last episode to be made up of footage from the pilot episode though it honestly hasn’t diminished the episodes in any way. The editing has been extremely creative and made good use of what they had. The fascinating element here is that the original trip across the […]

We can discuss sexism in survival situations when I get back. #JurassicPark illustration

The Jurassic Park purists out there will be having baby raptors right now as this is very clearly not accurate to the scene. The raptor wasn’t as frowny-faced in the film. I’m kidding, Ellie was still wearing her over-shirt during this sequence and doesn’t quite hold the arm like that. Also, the flashlight is different […]

The Never Ending Sacrifice #StarTrek

So the original commission request was for Garak reading The Never Ending Sacrifice and I started researching “reading poses” etc but I got to thinking about what the Cardassian culture meant to him and how the planet had been devastated. I semi recently watched The Monuments Men and it got me thinking about when Garak […]