Sam / Jack

I don’t often get asked to do slash or shipping pieces. They’re generally all pretty tasteful when I do (I stay under a PG rating when it comes to hand holding and the like) and I don’t mind doing them. I guess whilst the above image isn’t canon (that we know of) Sam and Jack […]

Family Custom Trek Sketch Cards

I was commissioned to draw a family in the various different Trek era styles and they were a lot of fun to do. I’m not usually a fan of drawing “people” directly as there’s a lot more pressure on you than with anonymous famous people or made up characters but the reference photos supplied were […]

Goodnight Porthos

There does seem to be an overwhelming love for all things Porthos which I think is wonderful. So I messed around with a couple of elements to make this work better, the room isn’t really accurate as I didn’t really have the time to look for scenes to reference at this particular angle. I also […]